Cathy Aldridge (Therapy Assistant)

ActivOT TA Alberton

Cathy Aldridge ActivOT TA Alberton

Cathy Aldridge, ActivOT TA Alberton, has an accounting background; working for many years in manufacturing and construction, then as a Business Manager at a school for 18 years.  She has an avid interest in natural health and wellbeing and it was this interest that led her to study and complete a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology.

As a result, another strong interest emerged with the inhibition and integration of primitive reflexes and Cathy is now one of two Rhythmic Movement Training providers in South Australia.

Her school was keen to have her work with small groups and one on one with students with retained primitive reflexes.  She also developed a daily movement program for all class levels, incorporating aspects of specific rhythmic movements, Traditional Chinese Medicine and mental fitness exercises which saw positive results in behavioural and coordination skills.

Cathy finished working at the school two years ago to work in the field of baby and toddler development.  She joined ActivOT as a therapy assistant in July 2019 and now carries out occupational therapy programs in Adelaide.

Cathy has a daughter and a son and two beautiful grandsons that happily keep her busy, she likes to spend her free time with friends, reading and travelling.


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