Mental health

ActivOT provides both consultancy and rehabilitation services in the specialised area of mental health care.  We promote a recovery model with the ultimate goal for our clients to live as independently as possible, engaging in meaningful and productive participation in their local community.

A recovery model for mental health

ActivOT practitioners work toward the ultimate goal for our clients’ to live independently; gaining and maintaining employment as well as engaging in social and community based activities.

Our services are client-centred and facilitate client participation. We strongly believe our clients are experts in their own situation. The occupational therapist and client work collaboratively to formulate a unique intervention program based upon the client’s own needs and goals ensuring that barriers to optimal functioning are addressed through interventions that focus on:

  • enhancing existing skills and strengths
  • remediating or restoring skills
  • creating positive experiences and creating opportunities for client’s to experience success
  • promoting wellness and self management to prevent relapse through psycho-education
  • a graded approach.

Our occupational therapists assist each client to develop treatment goals and enable the client to engage in graded tasks and activities that will be reviewed regularly to promote wellbeing and improved functioning.


Our intervention includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Evaluating and adapting the environment both at home and/or work to promote an individual’s optimal functioning
  • Providing educational programs, experiential learning, and interventions to address assertiveness, self-awareness, interpersonal and social skills, stress management, and role development
  • Working with clients to develop leisure interests and pursuits
  • Facilitating the development of skills needed for independent living such as utilising community resources, managing one’s home, time management and organizational skills, managing medication, and being safe at home and in the community
  • Providing training in activities of daily living (e.g. hygiene and grooming)
  • Conducting functional evaluations and ongoing monitoring for successful community participation
  • Providing evaluation and treatment using sensory approaches to facilitate emotional regulation.

Our services include home based consultation and interventions as well as group therapy sessions. Please contact us for further information.