Callum Banks (Therapy Assistant)

ActivOT TA Rostrevor

Callum Banks, ActivOT TA Rostrevor, was born and raised in Adelaide. In 2018 he graduated from Norwood Morialta high school.

At the age of 15, through an occupational therapist he knew, he began some volunteer work with CARA. Callum thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the occupational therapists, beginning his interest in occupational therapy work.

In 2019 Callum joined the ActivOT team, where he continues working alongside occupational therapists as an occupational therapy assistant. He loves the work he does and is very passionate about it.

In the future, Callum aspires to begin studying occupational therapy at university. For the moment, he’s enjoying working as an occupational therapy assistant.

When he isn’t working, Callum enjoys the outdoors and rock climbing. He has competed on a national and international level for many years now, as well as working at the local climbing gym through high school.


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