Workplace services

ActivOT provides employers with essential tools to identify and manage in risks in the workplace from injury prevention, ergonomic audits to manual handling training.

Injury Management

ActivOT believes in immediate intervention for non-critical workplace injuries in order to minimise lost time injuries. Our preference is to meet with the employer within 24-48 hours of the incident/injury report.

We work together with the responding medical officer/paramedic or treating doctor to ensure duties are appropriate.

The injured employee is given education on biomechanical techniques to ensure they are performing their duties safely.

Graduated return to work plans are developed, if necessary, in consultation with the employer and employee.

Ergonomic Audits, Hazard and Risk Analysis

ActivOT provides a wide range of services to assist employers in identifying and managing risks:

  • Single workstation assessments or entire office audits take into consideration ergonomic workstation factors, addressing work practises, job rotation and workflow.
  • Review of workplace accident and injury reports, consultation with management and other staff as appropriate. Workplace walk-throughs/visual inspection to identify major risks and outline practical, cost effective solutions.
  • Review manual handling policies, procedures, practices and equipment.
  • Assistance in the development of relevant policies and procedures.

Manual Handling

ActivOT provides various formats of manual handling services to assist employers by catering for the specific needs of their employees and the unique nature of their workplace.

Our occupational therapists consult with directors, managers and supervisors to tailor the training and methods of delivery to suit each individual workplace, whilst also ensuring that the essential elements of the relevant industry standards are addressed (i.e. Code of Practise- Hazardous Manual Tasks, ACFI standards, etc).

We also provide training to employees regarding workstation set up as well as training in the adjustment of office chairs to ensure optimal postures.

The content in our training sessions does not focus on “this is how you must do it” but rather it educates employees on the relevant anatomy and physiological processes, empowering them to understand why the correct techniques are recommended and how to incorporate this knowledge in all facets of their life, both at work and at home.

Following training we are also able to provide assessment of individual competencies if required.