Lauren Tomney

Marketing and PR Coordinator

Lauren is a proud Adelaidean with a passion for helping people, learning new skills and challenging herself.

Previously working in industries such as hospitality, banking, accounting, real estate & residential construction, Lauren has learned how to quickly adapt to her diverse surroundings. Lauren is all about the customer-centric vibe and having a customer focus approach to her work is very important to her.

Before joining the ActivOT team, Lauren had been watching the growth and excitement build around the ActivOT brand. Lauren loves the energy and genuine passion shown by Helen, her team and the OTs for helping people in need. Lauren feels very honoured to be a part of the ActivOT family and is committed to helping spread the word about how incredible the ActivOT model is for both OTs and clients.

Lauren feels extremely grateful to have a loving husband, two beautiful daughters and an enormously supportive family. Lauren always wanted to be a mum. Her daughters are passionate, caring, smart and very strong-willed – it’s like Karma getting Lauren twice! But she wouldn’t have it any other way. Lauren’s children are a big part of her why.

Lauren also is a lover of coffee, sunshine, family getaways and a cheeky G&T.


PO Box 373, Walkerville SA 5081
P: 0423 501 380 | 1800 228 868