Occupational therapists in Australia often find themselves on the frontlines of healthcare, passionately serving their communities. However, the demanding nature of their work, more often than not, leads to burnout, affecting both their personal and professional lives. Here are four ways ActivOT is working towards a healthier workforce:

We let our values guide us

Embracing values-led practice emerges as a guiding light. Our founder Helen Whait, consistently emphasises the importance of aligning daily practices with personal values. By intertwining work with core beliefs, occupational therapists can rediscover purpose, creating true balance in their lives.

We see our people as more than their job

Navigating burnout involves not only individual introspection but also reevaluating the systems within which occupational therapists operate. By reimagining the way that occupational therapists work, as we have with the franchise model, we have created an environment where therapists can provide more comprehensive care to their clients without the stress of KPIs or bureaucracy. Our practitioners are free to choose their hours to fit around their own lives, resulting in happy and fulfilled humans.

We understand what true workplace flexibility looks like

In the pursuit of a balanced professional life, the term “flexibility” often takes centre stage. However, the true meaning of flexibility extends beyond mere scheduling adjustments. It involves a mindset shift, enabling therapists to adapt to the ever-changing demands of their roles without compromising their well-being. By understanding and embracing the true essence of flexibility, along with providing a nurturing and empathetic environment, occupational therapists can navigate their careers with resilience and grace.

We embrace the power of community

Addressing burnout requires a collective effort, and the impact of community and shared resources cannot be overstated. Building a strong professional community, as we have with our ActivOT practitioners, encourages the exchange of experiences, strategies, and resources, which in turn creates a collaborative and supportive environment. By fostering a culture of support, our occupational therapists can overcome challenges, share ideas and promote well-being within our community.


As an industry, allied health still has a long way to go to address the burnout that is endemic across the board. ActivOT is pioneering the charge by providing occupational therapists with a more sustainable and fulfilling way to practice. In the words of our founder, Helen Whait, “Let’s strive for a healthcare landscape where well-being is not just a goal but a shared commitment.”