Brisbane Care Expo ’20 wrap up

On September 11 and 12, 2020, two of our Queensland team members, Sarah-Beth and Matt, were at the Care Expo at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The Care Expo brought together over 140 exhibitors from community services, businesses and organisations providing products and services from support, health and care industries. For ActivOT it was a chance to meet some of our local industry peers for the first time and speak to our community about our occupational therapy services.

Sarah-Beth Schiappadori, ActivOT Outer North Brisbane, told us;

“Because of Covid-19 it wasn’t a busy expo – it was pretty quiet. Friday was definitely the quietest day; Saturday was a lot busier with both community and professionals seeking occupational therapists.

That said, people that were looking for occupational therapists were asking us plenty of questions and appeared keen to reach out. We had a lot of discussions around our capacity and what type of services we offer.

We spoke to several people who wanted to know more about student and Allied Health Assistant opportunities.

We had a lot of visitors who needed advice on their current situations from an occupational therapy point of view.  We also enjoyed networking with other services.

The main takeaway for Sarah-Beth and Matt from exhibiting at the expo was the importance of networking and being visible in their community in order to build their practices. They also found that, while ActivOT is new to the region, there is a lot of interest in the services we provide. It is great to know that, even during a pandemic, that the Brisbane community is engaged and interested in occupational therapy services!