Danielle Spencer (B App Sc OT)

ActivOT Highbury

Danielle Spencer, ActivOT Highbury, completed her studies in occupational therapy at the University of South Australia in 1995.

Through personal circumstance, Danielle developed an interest in neurological rehabilitation during her studies. This interest has been maintained throughout her career by way of experience and professional development.

Soon after graduating, Danielle worked in North Queensland. This role gave her the opportunity to work with people with a wide range of medical conditions from diverse backgrounds providing her with a solid base in the occupational therapy profession.

From tropical Queensland, Danielle travelled to the UK. There she spent nearly six years in hospital and community settings, working with people to facilitate independence and functional ability.

Since returning to Adelaide, Danielle has focussed further on neurological, orthopaedic, cardiac and reconditioning rehabilitation and falls prevention in a senior position. She has also presented at local and interstate conferences in the falls prevention arena.

As an occupational therapist in Highbury, Danielle works with clients in their own homes to gain an understanding of who they are and what is important to them in order for them to reach their goals.

As a mum of three children, Danielle is kept very busy with family life. She enjoys all outdoor activities from the beach to the hills and is not afraid to give things a go. She is also a member of two community sporting committees and in her down time enjoys reading and watching movies.


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