QLD Driver Training Services

Our ActivOT Driver Trained Occupational Therapist can provide you with the support you need to achieve your driving goals. 

Return to Driving

The driver team can support you to get back on the road.  

This involves a two-part clinical assessment and possible vehicle modification recommendations.

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Senior Driver

Has your family or GP requested that you complete an occupational therapy driving assessment?

The Driver Team can support you through this process and assist your GP to determine whether they can provide medical clearance for you to continue to drive.

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Sarah-Beth Schiappadori

Driver Trained Occupational Therapist

Sarah-Beth Schiappadori is an experienced Occupational Therapist based in the outer north suburbs of Brisbane. With several years experience as a specialist educator, Sarah-Beth is integrating her teaching skills into her Occupational Therapy practice through her driver training services. Through off and on road assessments, she assesses fitness to drive and prescribes vehicle modifications.